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call ADESA Customer Connection
at 888-526-7326.

ADESA Springdale

ADESA Springdale is no longer operating. We thank you for your patronage at this location.
  • Registered ADESA buyers can continue to find vehicles at ADESA Little Rock every Thursday at 9 a.m.
  • To consign vehicles with ADESA Little Rock, contact Robert Birch at 501-945-2444.

Contact Information

5725 N Thompson St. 
Bethel Heights, AR 72764

Primary Phone: 479-725-1330
Main Fax: 479-725-1332

To sell cars at this auction:
Fax our Dealer Consignment Form
to 770-357-2029.

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Dealer Sales and Services Manager:
Jon Holbert
Phone: 479-301-4249