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ADESA offers more ways to purchase vehicles

ADESA offers a broad mix of vehicles, including a wide variety of off-lease, commercial and dealer cars as well as inventory from national consignors.

Visit one of our auction locations or buy online. We have two types of online vehicle auctions:

  • Bid now events take place on ADESA DealerBlock. These special events are scheduled in advance and have set start and end times. At the end of the time period, the highest bid wins. In addition, you can buy cars 24/7 for a set sale price with our buy now feature.
  • ADESA LiveBlock lets you bid against other dealers who are physically at a live auction. With our real-time audio and visual feeds, it's a great way to attend a car auction online, without leaving your office or home. And now it’s even more convenient with the free LiveBlock mobile app—learn more at

Looking to buy some precious metal?
ADESA Certified offers you inventory that is retail ready. Buy inlane and online with confidence to stand behind your inventory that is NAAA certified.

For more detailed information, visit for guides you can download, print or view on screen.

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